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08 Mar Posted by in News | 13 comments

Skeeter Pee:

May 10, 2011

April 25, 2011

Vladimir Aleksandrov asked this question: “How did you make your flavored pee? I follow your recipe on the SP website but i would love to make some strawberry SP!!!! Summer is upon us my friend enjoy!!!”

Well Vladimir, keeping in mind that the beverage by nature is lemon based, I presume you’re OK with the lemon flavor, but you’d like the strawberry flavor to be more noticeable. Here are a couple of options that I could suggest. I put them in order of least flavor to most possible flavor.

Option 1: If you start your Skeeter Pee by using a slurry from a strawberry wine, it will carry a subtle hint of strawberry in the finished product.

Option 2: When you start your Skeeter Pee, put some fresh or frozen strawberries in with the lemon juice in the primary fermenter. Add a ¼ tsp. of pectic enzyme per gallon of Skeeter Pee to prevent a pectin haze. Let the must sit the 24-48 hours before adding the yeast or slurry.

Option 3: If you’re looking for a more pronounced strawberry flavor, you can add strawberry flavors when the Skeeter Pee is finished fermenting. When it comes time to sweeten by adding the sugar at the end, reduce the amount of sugar and replace it with one or more of the choices below. Be aware that the additions of juice to finished Skeeter Pee can create cloudiness or haze. If you wait to add your Sparkolloid until after the addition of the juice, the Sparkolloid might clear the juice’s cloudiness.

  • Strawberry frozen juice concentrate found at the grocery store. It usually comes mixed with other fruit flavors or juices. e.g. Old Orchard offers an Apple-Kiwi-Strawberry and an Apple-Strawberry-Banana
  • Strawberry daiquiri mix.
  • Strawberry powdered drink mix (e.g. Kool-aid – adds color and artificial flavor)
  • A strawberry flavored syrup available at brewing supply houses or coffee specialty shops.

Option 4: You can also add flavoring at the time of serving. Some people like mixing their Skeeter Pee with juice or a carbonated soft drink. Others add fruit at the time of serving. Doing it this way creates more work at serving time, but it also gives you the freedom to serve a variety of flavors from a single batch. If you go this way, you might want to consider making your Skeeter Pee a bit stronger than normal by adding more lemon and sugar or by reducing your water. Mixing at the time of serving will dilute the alcohol and flavor.



April 20, 2011

New Things:  Skeeter Pee has been added to Facebook.  If you haven’t visited us already, please click “Like” from our home page.

Thanks to our fans who have submitted photos for our galleries.  Please keep them coming.

Few minor updates to our recipe page, to clear up some common misconceptions.

Hope you are all ready for the upcoming summer (for the fans north of the equator).  Have lots of Skeeter Pee bottled and ready to go.


May 15, 2011

Sure… it might “hit the spot” on a hot summer’s day, but other than that, why should you drink Skeeter Pee? A simple web search for “health benefits of lemon” will provide you with a long list of reasons to add more lemon to your diet. Just choose from these lemon bennies: digestive aid, mood enhancer, arthritis reliever, sore throat comfort, blood pressure controller, headache cure, respiratory improver, liver detoxifier, fever reducer, weight loss aid, free radical scavenger, antiseptic wash, skin rejuvenator, kidney stone preventer, immune system boost, diuretic aid, and scurvy cure. It seems lemons do everything except cure cancer…. oh, wait… recent studies show…….

Tastes like lemonade, but  it also has the qualities that the fermentation leaves behind, much like a wine.

We are working on our new website. We will be getting it updated as we go. Hope you enjoyed your visit and please stop back. Please sign in and leave messages in the guestbook.


  1. Scott Smith05-11-18

    I create a big starter with a jug of white grape juice, let it get going well for 3-4 days and then follow the rest of Lon’s instructions! I’ve made 5-6 batches and have never had an issue with it fermenting dry.

  2. Doris B02-03-17

    If this is our first time making skeeter Pee. What would we do instead of the Yeast Slurry. I have no batch of anything to use as slurry and I really want to do a good job?

    Thank you for your time in advance.

    Doris B

    • Lon02-12-17

      Doris, here is what I would do. I find that fresh lemon juice is a bit more tough for yeast to tackle than the bottled stuff. What I would do is mix up your batch just as the recipe states, but only start with 1/4 of the lemon juice added. This will give you a mixture that is sweet enough with nutrients and everything else, but it will be low on lemon and acid. Once you see good activity, add another 1/4 of your lemon juice. A day later, when you have rapid ferment, add another 1/4 of your juice, and a couple of days later, add the last of your lemon juice. This will allow your yeast to get started in a friendlier environment and once their numbers are strong, they can tackle the higher acidity. Good luck, let me know how it turns out.

  3. Bev08-18-14

    After fermenting dry and adding Kmeta sorbate and sparklloid, can I rack into gallon jugs and add frozen concentrate and perhaps a little invert sugar depending on my taste for sweetness and then let it clear in the gallon jugs?

    • Lon08-20-14

      You can. The downside might be that the addition of frozen concentrate may keep it from clearing completely. You will also end up with sediment in the bottom of your gallon jugs.

      • Kethan05-17-16

        This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for wrigint!

  4. Jay05-13-14

    Have you ever tried to take Skeeter Pee in the direction of a Margarita in a bottle by sweetening with lime and adding tequila?

    My wife doesn’t drink beer but loves margaritas so I’ve been thinking of trying to take this recipe and modify it to be more of a margarita.

    Have you seen any instances where the citrus flavors turn sour, sorta like when orange juice goes bad?

    • Lon05-14-14

      The margarita thing sounds interesting, but it’s not something I’ve tried. I haven’t had a case where the citrus flavor goes bad.

  5. Scott01-26-14

    Hi Lon- I’m just starting my first Batch of sp and I was thinking about how to bottle it. Is there any reason you know of that I couldn’t use mason jars? I have a bunch of them! Thanks for all the knowledge you share here and the time you’ve put into the site!

    • Lon01-27-14

      Mason jars will work, just keep the head space small.

  6. bill j06-16-11

    Is there any truth that you named your (in)famous beverage after the Minnesota state bird?
    Just askin’.

    • Lon06-16-11

      Skeeters are pesky little devils, are they not? What’s the old saying for a morning Skeeter Pee?… “Hair of the bird that bit me”?

      • bill j06-17-11

        “Pesky?” That isn’t the word I would use. I have heard rumors that Minnesota skeeters do obscene things to turkeys. Just a rumor!!!
        However, we will be back to Blackhawk country for the wifes 50th school reunion. May get a chance to hop over to your area for a brief time. Will definitely stop at the wine shop in Mankato. Need goodies.