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“Lon DePoppe is a Minnesota winemaker who frequents the forums and dispenses good advice and great recipes. One of his more infamous recipes is for a hard lemonade — a wine really — he calls “Skeeter Pee.” There’s a colorful story that goes with the name, but let’s just say that “skeeter” is short for “mosquito” and let it go at that. But that’s really outside the point that this stuff is fantastic.

Here are some things to know about this stuff. First, it is 10% alcohol by design, which means don’t tweak the recipe to make it stronger or you’ll throw it out of balance. Second, serve it chilled; like lemonade, it’s a hot weather drink and needs to be chilled. Third, you can bottle this stuff in beer bottles and cap ’em so they can go along on outings in the mini cooler.”

– Jack Keller